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File a Wage Theft Complaint

The Wage Theft Task Force is a collaboration with the California Labor Commission, the LA County Office of Immigrant Affairs, the LA County District Attorney’s Office, the LA County Federation of Labor and several community groups.

California is known as the epicenter of wage theft. Thirty percent of workers in Los Angeles County are paid less than minimum wage. Los Angeles County workers are cheated out approximately $26-28 million on average per week. 

View the Wage Theft Task Force Launch Press Conference here.

What is Wage Theft?

Wage Theft occurs in a variety of ways:

  • non-paid overtime
  • final paycheck is not received after leaving a job
  • under reported hours on a paycheck
  • not being paid state minimum wage
  • non-payment for work performed

The UCLA Labor Center finds that each week alone in this country, 28 Million dollars is stolen in wages from the workers. Research has found that each year in Los Angeles County, wage theft totals about 1.35 Billion Dollars.


How to report Wage Theft

Potential victims of wage theft are urged to reach out to your local LASD Patrol Station and file a complaint. If you live in an area of LA County not patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department, please locate your nearest Sheriff’s Station to file a report.


File a report with the Labor Commissioner’s Office by calling (213) 620-6330 or by visiting the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Eventually, after a judge renders a decision and if it is in favor of the victim, LASD will serve the court order to help the victim recover his/her stolen wages.