How Do I Make A Complaint/Commendation?

You may make a complaint/commendation in person, or by calling or writing to any Sheriff’s station, jail or facility. If you write, your complaint or commendation does not have to be on any special form. When you make your complaint or commendation in person, ask for the Watch Commander or person in charge. The Watch Commander will listen to your matter and fill out what we call a Service Comment Report. For additional information on filing a complaint call 800-698-TALK.

What Happens After I Make A Complaint/Commendation?

The Sheriff’s Department will look into your matter and talk to the people involved. Please give us a list of people you think we should talk to that can give us specific information about your matter. The amount of time it takes to complete a complaint or commendation review or investigation depends on many factors and can vary from a few days to several months.

You can check with the Sheriff’s Department at any time about your matter. When we are finished looking into the matter, we will write and tell you what was decided. The Department may find that your matter is substantiated and take appropriate action with respect to the employee.

On the other hand, the Department may not find enough information to substantiate misconduct on the part of our employee. If you are dissatisfied with that decision, you can talk to the Station Captain or the person who was in charge of looking into your complaint or commendation. They will listen to your reason for dissatisfaction and try to assist you.