Public Information Officers

This is an archive of under Sheriff 33 Alex Villanueva. Click here for more.

Sheriff's Information Bureau

Our public information officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide a number of services to Department personnel, the general public and members of the media.

Captain Lorena Rodriguez

Lieutenant Oscar Martinez

Sergeant Brian Moreno

Sergeant Elvis Salas

Sergeant Gerardo Magos

Sergeant Robert Boese

Sergeant Tanner Sanchez

Deputy Alejandra Parra

Deputy Armando Viera

Deputy Brenda Serna-Rodriguez

Deputy Eva (Liz) Jimenez

Deputy Graciela Medrano

Deputy Hudson Carothers

Deputy Lillian Peck

Deputy Lizette Falcon

Deputy Maria Lucero

Deputy Miguel Meza-Palomo

Deputy Veronica Rodriguez

Deputy Raquel Utley

Deputy Tracy Koerner

Deputy Veronica Fantom

Deputy David Yoo