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Court Services

It is the mission of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Court Services Division to provide professional security and support services to the Trial Courts of Los Angeles County.

The Court Services Division pledges to accomplish its mission through a partnership with the Trial Courts, the communities within them, and in accordance with constitutional rights, enforcement of laws, preservation of the peace, and the creation of a safe and secure environment for all.

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Service Of Civil Process

The Sheriff is required to serve all judicial process in the manner prescribed by law.

Court Locations

Court locations and contact info.

Inmate Release Information

Inmate releases and pending release reports.

Vehicle Inspection

Locations for Vehicle Inspection and contact info.

Court Security Information

The Sheriff’s Court Services Division is in charge of security at all County courthouses.

Courthouse Security

  • All persons and their property are searched prior to entry or re-entry into the courthouse.
  • All persons and their property are subject to search at any point while in the courthouse building.
  • Security officers, under the supervision of a Sheriff peace officer supervisor, staff the metal detectors at courthouse entrances and provide general security for the court complex.
  • Weapons of any sort are confiscated and the owner arrested for possession of a weapon in a courthouse (171 Penal Code).
  • Any item that may be potentially used as a weapon is restricted from entry.
  • Restricted items such as scissors, fingernail files and the like will be held for safe keeping by Security Officers and returned upon leaving the building.
  • Property receipts are issued for all items held for safe keeping.
  • Security officers serve as the depository for “Lost and Found” items found in the courthouse.

Courtroom Security

  • Deputy sheriffs serve as bailiffs and maintain order in the courtrooms.
  • Any person who disrupts the courtroom is subject to ejection from the court and/or arrest.
  • Persons inappropriately attired are subject to exclusion or ejection from the courtroom.
  • All photographing, recording and televising of courtroom proceedings must be approved by written court order.
  • Use of cellphones and any electronic device is prohibited in the court room.

Inmate Security

  • Deputy sheriffs staff the courthouse lockups.
  • There is no provision for inmate visitation at the courthouse.
  • Communication with inmates is strictly forbidden and punishable as a misdemeanor under 4570 P.C.


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